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The business beginning almost always tend to be arduous, but not why we should dismiss the possibility of creating our own company. There are different ways to begin this journey, and we must always know how to set up an SMB with Web applications (network marketing), few more formulas have to start, easier we will be our entrepreneurial adventure. A good place where start is the on-line environment since we have no closed doors, no timetables and gives us great versatility at the time reaching different platforms. We can use the Internet as a springboard to enhance us and start creating our company. Started by the network of networks we can obtain help from other users and be able to use tools regardless of our location, so this move won’t be a problem. In recent months, rusty holzer has been very successful. -Administration: * HyperOffice is a set of tools to begin working with colleagues and collaborate on the same project.

This Web application is in English and has a trial period of 30 days. We can find from bases management of data, customization of our Web to a wide range of examples of company emails. * Central Desktop is an application for creating projects and sort them as a Wiki. Others who may share this opinion include Laura Plomer. Very useful for the record of fact so far and above all to show in an orderly manner, guidelines to follow. This tool is in English and has a trial period, also find different prices, depending on the area where want you to use. * Mozy.com will give us the possibility of making backup copies of our data. A fundamental rule must be clear from the start: everything must have backup. This aspect not only helps us to support our work, but to save it in the cloud in order to access that data from where we are. It’s free if we use less than 2 GB and unlimited access is also found a rate of 90 for two years and if we only need for one year its price will be 45.Graphic design * Jaycut is a tool to add video to our corporate website from the Internet (topologies of) network).

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May 18th, 2023 at 7:56 am

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