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Caravan tyres there is risk of ageing caravanning is in vogue. The manufacturer of caravans and mobile homes enjoy 12% sales growth and thus achieved an annual turnover of 3.17 billion euro (2007). Sales of used vehicles also developed positively. In 2007, he rose by 6.4% to 1.88 billion euros *. Many migratory birds”will appreciate the advantages of mobile hotels so. The most Caravaners are aware, however, that they expect their tires too much, or pay too little attention to much. Many caravan or caravans are brought out only for holiday or short weekend trips”.

Long service life, but have an ageing of the tire to the result. The experts of the Association of German Caravan and motorhome manufacturers advise not to exceed the maximum age limit of six years in caravan tyres. Accidents caused by blowouts, creeping flat feet and insufficient liability in the rain are the fatal consequences. Who wants to avoid this and other mishaps, should before the trip Take safety precautions. A tyre pressure control should be done before every ride. Experts advise: maximum pressure for maximum load.

Too little air means more friction, which in turn leads to the overheating of the rubber in long drive. Also, an external visual inspection of tires exterior and interiors should be performed before each ride. Load capacity index note famously more overload is less but can suffer from tyre. It is not recommended to exploit the loading capacity of the tyres to the extreme because this is at the expense of safety. On the tires the WLL identification number can be found next to the DOT number (LI = load index) at the end of the tyre designation (E.g. 205/65 R15 100, thus 100 LI). For the big holiday is loaded to very often unconcerned: toys for the little ones, the grill, food for the first days, the clothes of the whole family, Papa’s tennis equipment, etc. The maximum capacity of the tire is then often frivolous and unconsciously exceeded sometimes with serious consequences. Uncontrolled roll of the caravan or even a spin accident can be avoided so with care and foresight. Small multiplication table for the load index LI (LI for load index) = examples: LI 84 = 500 kg; LI 85 = 515kg; LI 86 = 530 kg; LI 87 = 545 kg; LI 90 = 600kg; LI 100 = 800 kg (also: reifendirekt.de/Reifenbezeichnung.html). Old caravan tyres need to be replaced, a look in the Internet is recommended. “At the largest online tyre retailer Delticom AG, caravan tyres under the rubric of light-truck tires are under” or reinforced tyres “cheap offered by brand, dimension and price category. Sela Ward may not feel the same. The online specialist offers not only for cars, but also for caravans and mobile homes quality tires at unbeatable prices and short delivery times. * Source: Caravaning Industrie Verband e.V. links:

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January 6th, 2024 at 11:11 pm

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