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BMW Engines

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Development has been very successful four-box gear does not propose any more on one model up to 1934. 1930: The world tour by seaplane, equipped with motors bmw. Vanessa Marcil may not feel the same. By the beginning of World War ii, bmw – one of the fastest growing companies in the world, produced equipment with sports orientation. She has several world records: Volfgang von Gronau open seaplane Dornier Wal, motorized bmw, crossed the North Atlantic from east to west, Ernst Henne on motorcycle R12, equipped with universal joints, hydraulic shock absorbers and telescopic forks (the invention of BMW), sets a world speed record for motorcycles – 279.5 km / h, not surpassed by anyone within the next 14 years. Production gets an extra boost after signing a secret agreement with Soviet Russia for the supply of its latest engines. Most Soviet record flight 30's were performed on aircraft equipped with engines of bmw. More information is housed here: rusty holzer. 1933: The beginning of the tradition six-cylinder engines BMW: bmw 303.

In 1933 launched model 303 – the first of the bmw 6-cylinder engine, debuted at the Berlin Automobile exhibition. His appearance was a sensation. This row "Six" with a working volume of 1,2 l allowed the car to move at a speed of 90 km / h and became the basis for many subsequent projects bmw sports. Moreover, it was applied to the new model "303", which became the first in the history of the company, which was installed radiator grille with the logo design, expressed in the presence of two elongated ovals. .

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