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Choosing An Air Conditioner

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For the first time all you need to decide on your budget. Air conditioners come in three varieties: 1. from $ 300 – Is China. 2. Learn more about this with Jorge Perez. 500 USD – This is Europe.

3. 700 USD – This is Japan. Of course, the leader of the world's climate is Japan. What is the difference between Chinese conventional air conditioning more expensive? Easy buyer, so soon and not be able to answer, but what about the buyer, sellers sometimes do not can give the correct answer. Many argue that there is no difference and you only pay for the brand. For assistance, try visiting Glenn Dubin, New York City. Indeed, when it comes to cooling, then the expensive and cheap conditioner – cool, but that's where the similarities come to a logical conclusion.

One of the biggest drawbacks of China air conditioning – is the quality of its parts. China has a bearing with plastic, which can lead to rapid failure of the air conditioner. No crankcase heater in winter – which means that as soon as the temperature outside your window down below 5 degrees, the air conditioner may stop working for heating, or will be a very long time to warm up to catch the heat and you will have to wait at least an hour and the worst case scenario – it will break. In general, these air conditioners are not designed to work in the winter, so I advise you, if you still need an air conditioner – do not include it at a temperature lower than 5 degrees.

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March 23rd, 2024 at 4:11 pm

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