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* What are you ringtone on a mobile phone? -One – I 'Soren' – Midi, on the other 'Belle' Faktor2 (chorus) – mp3. * And what model of your mobile? -Sony Ericsson S700i and T610. I'm a fan of Sony Ericsson and other brands did not recognize You can even I hate to say. * What is your favorite book? – "Lolita", Nabokov, Eugene Onegin, "Pushkin, 'The Alchemist' and '11 minutes' by Paulo Coelho Kama Sutra for gay kidding, kidding * A log? -Glamour, Cosmopolitan – what else girl reading Well, Playgirl did that. 0 🙂 * On your computer, in anything you play? – Heroes of Might & Magic 3.Seychas already storming 'In the wake of Gods' – as if part of the 3,5 – is difficult, I love playing for one of my favorite films – Harry Potter 2,3 – to the first part of another graphic oak; The Sims 2 – is generally Unlimited! The main thing behind this simulator is not to forget reality. * Do you have any hobbies besides the computer? "Of course! Collecting stuffed big cats. Still love piercings – I have nine holes pierced:) I'm thinking about tattoos.

* What do you most hate? -Beer, Subway, name well-known brands on the cheap clothes, Egypt, serials, reality shows, too blunt and vulgar movies, my photo in the passport, but most hate it when arguing with me – it's useless I very rarely accept that wrong, even if I know this is so. Usually I send all and leave. Generally I am very sharp. Yes, I also hate to shake babies. * What you like? -Beautiful boys know comments, delicious food, shopping and especially shmotkovy kosmetikovy, stick to 6 hours beauty salons, swimming, singing, learning something new, fast of night Moscow to violate all the rules, smoking hookah, animal (in a good sense of the word), good clubs (best R'n'B), gays, they often well-groomed and mannered, sports cars, but not very complex, true-type Toyota Celica. * Which is your dream? -I can not say for sure.

I try not to dream and to achieve the goal. * Do you have a young man? Yes, we meet over a year. And I had lived. 🙂 * You are able to madness? "Only because of love. But unfortunately the kind of love passes quickly. Therefore, sooner or later the rush stops.

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March 2nd, 2011 at 6:00 pm

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