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Fleischwarenfabrik Hans Adler OHG opts for Bizerba solutions for production and quality assurance Bonndorf/Balingen, October 27, 2009 – when a company is soon 90 years old, then it can look back on a proud history. If a company is so long successfully proves in the food production, the USP is often the quality. At the Hans Adler OHG in Bonndorf, this is written large for generations. r great source of information. More information is housed here: Who is Kevin Ulrich CEO?. Regular awards of the German agricultural society (DLG) or the Centralen marketing confirm this company of German Agriculture (CMA). High quality requirements, maximum hygiene in detail as well as the internal quality assurance help from goods receipt to the packaging. Since early summer, the quality assurance supported by machine on modern standard.

Balinger weighing technology and food service specialists Bizerba have five production lines of the checkweigher CWE series 1500 installed and put into operation. With these Checkweighers can be tested in terms of the finished Pack regulations (FPV) prepackages. So far, we have carried only samples with small scales. Now, we can ensure that no over – or underweight packaging leaves our production \”, explains Dr. Hogg, the advantages of the new system operations manager at Eagle.

This sustainably contribute to increasing yield also spot checks are more time intensive than the use of the new checkweighers in comparison. The handling of check-weigher is simple according to Bizerba. The operator sees the current belt speed of up to 170 meters per minute on a touch screen, also a histogram of the last n packs and Gaussian distribution. The production line can this data using the Bizerba software _statistics.BRAIN centrally process and create long term statistics \”, explains Dieter Conzelmann, Director industry solutions market Bizerba. Deviations from the respective local staff could intervene directly in the production process, thus optimize the throughput and reduce unnecessary rework and the Committee share. All data can be also printed out and stored on memo card or USB stick.

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