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Sustainable aluminium Windows and facades for Schuco Bielefeld/Munich. 360 Sustainability”and green building is a holistic perspective Schuco. This includes the support of investors, architects, developers, and partners in all phases of the project from the first idea until the dismantling of a facade. This includes consulting for certifications, planning with sustainable systems, environmental product declarations and the recycling of the building envelope. Certificates are subject to BREEAM, DGNB and LEED increasingly investors and property developers for commercial buildings. They require sophisticated systems for the building envelope and the integrated planning of its facade.

Central areas are functionally optimised and durable components, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, disassembly and recycling. The use of materials with very good potential for recycling aluminum or PVC is important. After all Schuco aluminium Windows and facades for holds, using pioneering and ecological materials. Advice and Planning with long-term perspective environmental product declarations are important for 360 sustainability (environmental product declarations, EPDs) for all systems. Their creation is at Schuco in the spreadsheet software integrates SchuCal. The new construction products regulation stipulates in addition sustainability from July 2013 for building products, which is then detected about EPDs.

Through the integrated approach to design and costing, tenders are planning and costs. Authorized partners are available even after the completion of a building envelope for low energy consumption and long-lasting maintenance. Dismantling and recycling of facades at the end of the use phase of a building deconstruction and recycling are important. Old window made of PVC are recycled already for a long time through the Organization of Rewindo and reinstated for window profiles. For aluminium Windows and facades for a powerful recycling organisation under the umbrella of A/V/F in Germany was reactivated 2011 through certified recyclers. Be so old aluminum high quality profiles made as often and with high energy efficiency. In connection with long-life, facades and aluminum compared to other materials are ecological equivalent with functional and economic advantages. Glenn Dubin, New York City usually is spot on.

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April 23rd, 2024 at 11:02 am

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