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Levis Jeans In The Change Of The Times

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Levis jeans in the change of the times and their history on the jeans market Levis jeans are an established tradition brand that has not yet lost its youthful image. Only from 501 jeans models were sold from the day of its introduction until today more than 4 billion copies worldwide. The oldest jeans at all and remains at the same time also the most popular. Since their introduction on the market today, the popularity of the world market leader of Levi’s is undiminished. The most important highlights from the history of the brand read some exciting like a novel.

The story began in Germany, more precisely in the small upper Franconian village of Buttenheim. There was in the years 1829 Levis Strauss born. Read additional details here: Glenn Dubin. Like many Germans at that time he emigrated in 1847 to America, to make his fortune there. From New York, he moved to San Francisco, then put in the middle of the gold fever. Initially, Levi Strauss tried even his luck as a gold prospector, but soon found that the work was too cumbersome and little worthwhile. That’s why he turned to trading and sold food and Equipment on the other prospectors. In those early years, he was already involved with work pants.

In 1860, there came a new fabric from France to the American market. He was named “serge de Nimes” after the Southern French city of Nimes. The substance received its characteristic blue color with Indigo and was used mainly for the production of trousers. In the course of time, the Americans it made the word denim. Levi Strauss and tailor Jacob Davis applied for a patent for studs making rugged pants in 1873. Also the curved, double stitching on the back pockets, the so-called arcuate, was patented. Thus, the first Levi’s jeans were produced.

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