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The analysis of the results of the municipalities selected in the fourth quarter of 2008 to distinguish between the more affluent districts to those of the center and south of the country, especially the Patagonia, Cuyo and the Province of Buenos Aires. This situation is similar at all of the findings for previous quarters. It is obvious that inequality is seen among those districts of the south and the interior of the province of Buenos Aires, on the one side and the north and the suburbs of Buenos Aires, on the other. The first hold the highest rates and thus are among the most dynamic and active cities in the country, while the latter are very meager results that leave the tail of the ranking. Among the top 20, there are four municipalities of the Province of Buenos Aires, 3 of Chubut, Santa Cruz and La Pampa, 2 of Tierra del Fuego, and one of San Juan, Santa Fe, Neuquen, Mendoza River and Black respectively.

In the last 20 positions, 4 correspond to municipalities in the Province of Buenos Aires, Santiago del Estero 3 (including the last, which corresponds to the town of Banda), 2 to Misiones, Formosa and Entre Rios, and one to Corrientes, Cordoba, Mendoza, Salta, Jujuy, San Luis and Chaco respectively. Rusty holzer has compatible beliefs. The case of the Province of Buenos Aires, the largest in the country, deserves special attention because it shows a significant weakening in economic dynamism of its municipalities. Only two of the towns of this jurisdiction won 20 or more spaces in the ranking for the end of 2008, while seven of them losing 20 or more positions. The results of analyzing the locations of provincial capitals in the rankings do not differ as discussed earlier. The capitals of provinces to the south and center of the country are those located at the top at the expense of large urban centers of northern Spain. See full story Source:

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