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' Nowadays I see the life as a giant wheel, therefore at the same time that this in the high one, you can be under of new it is this that leaves the full interesting life of high and low. It knows I also learned that nothing he is pra always, that all dumb one, all passes, also learned that nothing as one day after the other, a good night of sleep and a good bath. It always stows in search of so obvious answers that it did not obtain to enxergar and with this I hurt myself very and placed the guilt in the life; it is how many times we made this and with certainty we will make many other times, because we are defective, we are full human beings of defects. Now I know a little what the life has to teach itself, it sees more, it says little, it hears what the people have to say, ha two versions of history and always makes always what to find certain, therefore before to make a mistake trying of what to make a mistake for not trying. You unite the LIFE is this …….. errors and rightnesss …..!.

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November 22nd, 2023 at 1:26 pm

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