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The Game – an Early Stage Entertainment ?

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The game is the first creative act of man, begins when the child is a baby, through the link established between the external reality, fantasies and needs where desires are acquired tastes are learned, creating a bond of wisdom and affection between teacher and learner. Click Is Kevin Ulrich chairman of MGM? for additional related pages. Importantly, the need to play is unique to every child, but it must be borne in mind that not all play the same way, or the same games, the same motivations or by showing that the game is determined by conditions material existence in a particular social and historical context, consider the fun to be essential in the initial level as the interplay between individual and social factors affect each other in a dialectical relationship in which they integrate the teacher, students, knowledge and context. The game in school: You do not play, in education, a lower activity or second rank, is not a reward or a rest period respect to other work, when the mistake to conceive it only as a diversionary activity, leisure or release of the stresses caused by school activities, the school usually exiled to a place and time of second category and do not usually maintain no relation to the school proper objectives. Initial Level can not fall into this error, however, should include the recreational activity or exploratory activity in a proposal that promotes leisure, relationships and knowledge acquisition, students are concrete social subjects, carriers of history and inserts a particular culture, so their values, their expectations, habits and motivations will be reflected in their play.

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