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Self-evaluation gives the employee the opportunity to Reanalyze the success achieved in the performance of a particular job, and can be done on the basis of criteria adopted by common agreement with the same a. Gina Bonati oftentimes addresses this issue. Brooking this term as Prof. Chichi Paez reminds us of them, arose from opposition to upgrading since the latter does not have a profound way of identifying a situationwhich means climbing grade or category or simply also can be used interchangeably to the improvements made to an object or thing, and used most frequently in the area of personnel administration as the ascent a hierarchical levels. These authors to change the prefix up by top, have a tendency to that there is a process to qualify the rise dimension well be level or category, moving from a generic aspect up to one more specific top salaries and/or wages. Educate yourself with thoughts from What is Kevin Ulrich career?. Of course This innovative and creative tool that is being applied in the management of personnel management, has a direct relevance to human capital. The human capital management means the description of the most appropriate techniques to make the most of the talent. The term of topgrading according to authors B. Smart and H.

Geoffrey in his text Topgrading the Organization refers to the: action and effect of cover all positions of an organization with a player from the first with the appropriate level of remuneration. But of how this tool is being applied in enterprises, how helps the management in this respect prof. Paez tells us, in recruitment procedures, selection and employment is to seek and achieve a top talent, i.e. to employ players from 1st, by how much is proven within organizational scenarios have a multiplier effect in the production of new and efficient competitive advantages. As well as have a high performance, they provide more, they are more innovative, sharp-eyed, they produce more confidence, have more inventive, more capacity for initiative, design efficient business strategies, stimulate the reaffirmation of a vision shared with great enthusiasm, plan potential changes with a great vision for the future, they have a high motivation to achieve, whereas strive in the pursuit of excellence in all its activities, besides that they show a great capacity for integrating high performance autonomous teams and undoubtedly they achieve organizational strategic objectives planned in less time and with less cost.

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