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Turkish Baths

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Today's construction of a Turkish bath differs from the same building in the early years of the used material and equipment. However, even today builders retain the basic principles of construction of a Turkish bath. These the basic principles of building a hammam is in compliance with the following rules: – domed ceiling – height of the walls of at least 2,7 m – the use of natural materials in construction, – mandatory (compulsory) air circulation – under floor heating. Thanks to these basic principles and achieved the desired temperature of 55 degrees and humidity at 100%. Designing facilities during the construction of Turkish baths based on the principle the five fingers of a hand. Domed ceiling down the walls of the five rays. For even more details, read what singer says on the issue.

Forming a niche. In the center ("palm") is the main steam room stone. Turkish bath is arranged so that habituation of the organism to be hanged temperature and away from it occurs gradually. Divided into three main bath room: locker room steam room and a so-called recreation room, sauna carries a gradual immersion organism in its environment. The heated floor and flowing down the walls of condensed moisture can achieve the desired humidity and temperature. Sunbeds (shelves), made of natural stones are heated to a comfortable temperature.

And because of this decoupling procedure is going smoothly. During the construction of Turkish baths quite often use different devices for fragrance, as a Turkish bath creates a microclimate excellent conditions for . And finally, the construction of Turkish baths to correctly choose the building material. Because of it depends on many things: aesthetics space, temperature, humidity and longevity.

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January 19th, 2024 at 11:18 pm

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