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Visualization And Concentration

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All envision, although we are not aware of this. Mental images jump consciousness during most of the day. If we are at work, we imagine that we are on vacation; If we’re on vacation, we envision how it will return to the Office. Viewing, though it may be a term of fashion, is actually one activity everyday that we all do, to greater or lesser extent, almost always unconsciously and without direction. It has been suggested in several studies that the attention of the average person during the day is less than 5 seconds for each theme that is presented in your mind.

Get the test. Look at your thoughts. When you realize, you will see that you are jumping from one idea to another without much consistency, without stopping you in each one, and how the mind works with images, you are technically visualizing different scenes every 5 seconds. The new currents of thought, from New Age to quantum physics suggests that reality is created from thought. Surely you’ve seen the tapes the Secret and What the Bleep?. If our mind jumps from thought in picture in picture thinking every five seconds, what reality do you think that you are creating? Is it a reality of serenity, peace and stability, or a chaotic changes reality, low stability and low achievement of goals? It is very important that your practice of viewing logres discipline of concentration.

Regular meditation teaches us to keep attention on an object or event, such as breathing or a body part, as in the Vipassana tradition; or in chants and mantras designed to concentrate, in the Tibetan tradition. Normally requested in meditation that you observe and Miss all your thoughts. Display focused on some specific result changes in behaviour, achievement of goals, reach your goals to focus point is precisely that: the image that you want to achieve, without letting other thoughts to distract you. To run your visualization, mind You must match your unconscious, which has no control over what he thinks. It is important that the dozens of images that come to your mind when you visualize, and redirijas towards the goal image filters. It is your task to concentrate on viewing throughout the day, taking at least five minutes to focus on one thing, theme or image, at least one couple of times a day. The domain of the mind is not a simple task, but can be achieved, and visualization is a great help to achieve focus the mind. So, choose a theme to start working, for example, visualize you happy, plen @, hits @, for five minutes in the mornings and evenings, you focus only on that, let the thoughts pass and returns your concentration to your target image. Quickly develop the ability to concentrate on a single idea, and that not only will attract the goals that you to visualize, but it will give rest to my mind, that without these exercises, is like a horse out of control.

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January 6th, 2024 at 4:02 am

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