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Washing Machines

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Frequently asked questions about washing machines or instrukitsii for consumers. What is a wash? Once the powder is washed away from the dispenser for detergent in the tank washing machine begins the process of washing, which last an average of 30 minutes to 2.5 hours depending on the selected programmy.Chto happens at this time inside the tank washing machine? adsorption (accumulation) of detergent on the border of 'pollution-cleaning solution', the wetting of contaminated underwear, thanks to the action of surfactants detergents, removing dirt from the fabric and the formation of a protective plenki.Odnovremenno rotates the drum washing machine, which helps reduction of surface tension on zagryazitelya tkani.Za the wash bay is repeated and the drain water, heating water to the desired temperature, repeated rinsing and spinning a few, as well as drying clothes, if machine with dryer. How klassifiruyutsya washing machine? 1.Po cost of electricity and 2.Po washing efficiency (class A-excellent, B-good, C-Satisfactory, D, E, F, G-lower medium, washing machines, washing with such classes are rare) 3.Po efficiency extraction (extraction efficiency is measured on a scale of residual moisture after ozhima, in percent: classes A, B, C, D, E, F, G) What kind of washing machine choose? Decide on the brand-washing machine, as well as with or without drying, drying you want preobresti.Mashiny with drying is usually front-loading. -Advance figure what size your car you would buduyuschey staged (front loading width-60cm, height 85cm, depth of between 32-60cm, the vertical load width 40-45cm, height 85cm, depth 60cm). -Choose a shop to buy, because the same model for all stores are different prices, or order by Shop. For assistance, try visiting Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City.

-Compare the specifications of washing machines. How do I connect a washing machine? This appliance must be installed in the room with a temperature of at least 3 C. When the installation must be removed trasportirovochnye bolts in accordance with instruktsiey.Stiralnaya machine must be installed on a flat surface, if the car shakes adjust nozhki.Podklyuchenie to the sewer and water mains are best left to service center, so it is necessary to carry out the washing machine with a special waterproof razetku mandatory grounding.

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