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Master Sommelier Hendrik Thoma Is Brand Ambassador LEONARDO

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To mark the 150th anniversary of glass of wine expert in the crystal material TEQTON promotes to the 150th anniversary of glass of wine expert in the crystal material TEQTON promotes Bad Driburg August 2009. For assistance, try visiting sela ward. A good glass of wine should be narrowing upwards, thin-walled and without decoration. Apart from the right glass shape, it needs excellent material properties. Anna Belknap often says this. Color, smell and taste determine the quality of wine, four properties are available for the quality of the high-tech glass TEQTON : perfect enjoyment, strength, brilliance and sound. Hendrik Thoma is one of two master sommeliers in Germany and the LEONARDO will be the new face for TEQTON : through the glass material TEQTON particularly shatter-proof glasses. You have a long service life and suffer from the dreaded glass corrosion not already after several rinsing cycles, so not Milky run.\” Benefits and design are closely linked with TEQTON, the best LEONARDO, glass material. A sophisticated production process, as well as a high quality material mix due to the improved LEONARDO glass recipe make for consistent quality and high functionality.

Hendrik Thoma: The wines have a high brilliance through the improved LEONARDO glass composition and the exposure of the basic material in the glass. You can see the wine in a whole new light! If one starts with the glasses, they develop a beautiful sound. A not to be underestimated right now, because he appeals to a broader sense which has to do with the drinking of wine: the sense of hearing and the anticipation. TEQTON excels in quality and price. For me, TEQTON is the perfect glass.\” \”\” \”\” Master sommelier Hendrik Thoma cooking champion as a moderator and expert of 40-teiligen Kochdoku \”in VOX to see and is known through guest comments and wine columns in Welt am Sonntag, the world\”, living at home \”and Playboy\”.

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May 27th, 2024 at 1:56 pm

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