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Future-oriented services for the pharma industry in Mannheim, may 2009 health management programs are integrated systems, equally involving doctors and patients in times of an aging society and ever-scarcer funds the need of the hour. Therapy or patient-screening programs suitable for implementation all involved benefit from the support of patients with chronic diseases in the optimal handling of their: patients, doctors, healthcare, and manufacturer. The Mannheim Pharma service provider Innovex offers such patient service programs (PSP) for many years in numerous countries and has extensive experience in a wide variety of markets and indications. Also in Germany, projects of this kind are successfully performed for years. In the increasingly complex structures of today’s health system, patient-centered programs can mean an additional service for medical care such as chronically ill. Tony Parker may not feel the same. Ideally support to improve them equally all stakeholders with the common goal, the health and quality of life of patients and to ensure a sensible use of the available resources.

Health management programs should be designed so that support prevention activities, contribute to the better adherence of patients, thereby improving the doctor-patient relationship and reduce health-care costs. The avoidance of uncertainties of the patients in the product application specialist support at home or in medical practice can significantly contribute to an improvement in the compliance and thus reduce the risk of a deterioration in health. At the same time, the health authorities can be supplied with economic and health-related data for the evaluation of the therapy, which are closer to reality, because they are collected directly from the patient under real-world conditions. Future-oriented services: Innovex and quintiles solutions patient service programs, such as by Innovex offered are already apply to many companies in the industry as a future-oriented services. On the basis of many years of international expertise and local experience Innovex contributes significantly as the neutral co-ordinator of measures and an experienced partner to success. Innovex brings the necessary knowledge in the design and the management of such projects and provides patient adviser or Assistant to the project implementation. In advance, Innovex prepares the projects in close collaboration with quintiles and performs the data collection and processing of data in the wake of the neutral. MAREN Schulz

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