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BEN Does Write Letters As Simple As Never Before

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Software4G equips its all-in one PC with a text engine from St. Leon-Rot, and 28.10.2010. Write letters on the computer, then print or send via mail, now even people with little or even no PC knowledge have this possibility. The all-in one PC BEN of Software4G GmbH, St. Leon-Rot, specifically tailored to the needs of these users added to a text module. The device that is equipped with a 20-inch touch screen, has a very easy-to-use user interface, catchy and great icons and zoomable fonts. Letters with the help of text blocks can with the new text engine now individually create. Sender address and the date are, for example, automatically updated and completed.

Sample letters can also be used as a template for an own letter for different occasions. With a few finger taps or mouse clicks used simpler and clearer way of their letters BEN users create what in particular for formal letter, very is helpful,”says Markus Kruse, CEO of Software4G. So that input can not lost, an automatic backup function was also integrated. The view can be as in the other BEN modules with a single touch or click of a mouse both increase and decrease. Users will benefit from the included in the purchase price, twelve month-update service: the text module is them automatically and free of charge provided. BEN designed for inexperienced users, in particular of the generation 50 +, who want to use all advantages of the Internet.

The unit can be operated using the touch screen as well as the included mouse and keyboard intuitive. All relevant programs are already installed. The latest E-Mails of the son with only a finger can get, see the first pictures of the grandson’s on-screen or plan the next city tours. Video telephony via Skype is also possible, so that the users with their family over large distances across can stay in touch. Through an Internet portal, these can be incorporated even in the computing experience and example pictures in the photo album. Programs for travel planning, games, puzzles and a CD player round out the entertainment. Especially older people don’t dare often, to operate a computer. Our all-in one PC takes the AWE them, because the computer directly with the BEN surface starts and no important things can be deleted or adjusted”, explains Markus Kruse. Although is based the system on Windows 7, the user therefore does not necessarily come in contact.” The entire solution is set up and ready for use, is available from 999 EUR including VAT and remains up-to-date through automatic updates. About Software4G: The Software4G GmbH was founded in 2009 by former Microsoft employee Markus Kruse. The company has developed an innovative solution with its new solution BEN for the 50 + target group. Thus can now also older people little or no experience in dealing with PCs easily and intuitively use the Internet for information, communications and entertainment. By Software4G aims to open up the Internet to more people and across to connect people across generations and distances with software for generations.

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March 30th, 2019 at 8:48 am

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