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Perhaps Luis Miguel unintentionally, has managed to synthesize the best melodies, although there are still many more that he has not been able to sing them, it is impossible to include them all. The great merit of Luis Miguel, is this attempt to to recreate many compositions by authors like: Manzanero, Vicente Garrido, Cesar Portillo de la Luz, etc.; though powerful, manly voice, and young figure of an artist, he has made thousands figures in art, to imitate it as a cultural phenomenon, and is a masterful lesson in good music selection for new generations. I hope that many artists do something like this, for the sake of the culture of their countries. For me it is a cultural phenomenon, since it has not only managed to recreate them, but synthesize them in your selection, make a few modern arrangements to orchestrations of the melodies, and interpret them with feeling and good voice. Perhaps the inability of many young artists see in this type of work, a great cultural value, has made some look at him with envy, and are treated to dull their figure at Premios Festivales Granmys Latino in criticism excessive about her figure and its artistic value. If his performances of new songs are brilliant, and have a letter and fabulous music like: I propose this evening, Tu solo tu, now that you you go, give me love, I want, I need you, Sun sand and sea, etc. perhaps not be able stick both, despite to be good songs and hits, in comparison with the beautiful themes that has sung by other composers of the past, and which are closer to the romantic. But they are part of the artistic career of the young artist, and will the new numbers that have to remember these current generations in the future, perhaps in his voice, or in other voices, although I am a witness that many are well disseminated and accepted by the present generations, and listened to because no, because older generations with the expectation of what’s newthat it reaches them.

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December 21st, 2013 at 2:39 am

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