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“Animated film ‘Ratatouille’ in the TV might trigger rats run before the Federal of German animal lovers (BDT e.V.) against the background of the broadcast of the movie Ratatouille has a renewed onslaught on rats as pets” warned on television on Easter holidays. As the national animal welfare Federal German animal lovers Association based in Kamp-Lintfort in North Rhine-Westphalia said the demand had grown in France after the start of the film dramatically after the rodents in Zoo stores. Sales had risen by up to 40 percent. Since the movie came out, the rat has become a true fashion phenomenon”, so the active in France Association APRA, which advertises for rats as pets, but skeptical is the sudden run. Rats can be absolutely cute pets, stressed Federal of German animal lovers. You are sociable and very cuddly. However, many people purchase forgotten that although the mode again, the rat but remains. Who buy an rat, buying a pet for years and not a throw-away articles.

There is great danger that the animals are exposed later simply”, as the Federal of German animal lovers. With the theatrical release of the film, a similar rush to rats as a few years ago dotted dogs as a result of the film was 101 Dalmatians”have been feared. Through an awareness campaign, a large rush could be prevented however. However, some pet stores had confirmed an increased demand in Germany. The blue rat breed Dumbo with small floppy ears, which is offered at a price of 50 euro per copy was especially in demand in the stores. The Ratatouille effect”could be a problem”, the Federal of German animal lovers. If the new rat lovers realize that the little rodents do also work and the fashion wave is receding, the fashion rats could be used easily.

The consequences of the Dalmatian boom can be seen today in the shelters. Many of the polka dot dogs ended up in shelters after moving past the fashion wave. Pets whether it’s rats, dogs or cats are no Bimbo, but living beings, for it takes responsibility as the owner for years. That should be noted when purchasing”, so the national animal protection Association Federal of German animal lovers. The animated film is on good Friday evening at Sat1 (Austria also ORF1) aired. Martina Klein

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November 26th, 2018 at 8:56 pm

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