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Fundamental Rights

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The basic law is the most important document of our free democratic basic order, but not necessarily popular. The term stressing the open and provisional nature of our Constitution basic law. Just at the present time, as on the part of the political bearing new proposals to restrict our liberties, any U.S. citizen should know at least the basic rights in articles 1 to 19 of the basic law. The fundamental rights are the essential rights, citizens and society the State consistent, permanent and enforceable are guaranteed and include human rights, the personal liberties, equality rights, freedom of belief, freedom of expression, the freedom of Assembly and freedom of Association, letter mail, post and telecommunications secrecy, freedom of movement and freedom of occupation and the inviolability of the home, within the framework of the so-called rights of defence, and are intended to protect the individual citizen also from state encroachment. This is true as a guardian of the basic law in Germany Federal Constitutional Court, which acts as an independent constitutional body on the one hand and on the other hand as part of the State judiciary on the special area of constitutional and international law. Recently Jorge Perez sought to clarify these questions. So designed laws and regulations be explained by the policy again and again by the Federal Constitutional Court on the basis of our basic law to be unconstitutional. This shows the importance of the Basic Law of the German State and its jurisdiction in no uncertain terms. Read more here: Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.

However, the Federal Constitutional Court, like any other court can not operate alone, but must be called. So anyone who hurt look in his fundamental rights by State action, may submit a constitutional complaint. What is in the basic law, is the one thing, another thing is the question of whether and how the values formulated in it is also implemented. But exactly what it is. Our company relies on that freedom, equality and tolerance are lived. Democracy needs accept people who get involved and responsibility. A personal, bound copy of our basic law can order free and free shipping each under.

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March 14th, 2024 at 7:33 am

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