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93, ' ' in our liquid society, to remain itself at a distance seems the only reasonable form of proceder' '. Here it fits to also bring the words of the marxist theoretician Henry Lefebvre, in its book the right to the city: ' ' How much to urbanism as ideology, it received more necessary formularizations each time. To study the circulation problems, of transmission of the orders and the information in the great modern city takes the real knowledge and the techniques of application. To declare that the city if defines as consumption and circulation net, as center of information and decisions is an absolute ideology; this ideology, that proceeds from a particularly arbitrary and dangerous reduction-extrapolao, if offers as total truth and dogma, using half terrorists. It leads to the urbanism of the pipes, of the public cleanness, of the measurers, that if it intends to impose on behalf of science and of the scientific severity.

Or the thing worse still! ' ' It is what we have seen in our cities: an inoperative urbanism! What it is needed to make? How to surpass and to win this culture of the fear in these times after-modern? Again the words of Lefebvre help in them to search a reply condizente: ' ' It is indispensable critical radical in such a way of the philosophies of the city how much of ideological urbanism, and this in such a way in the theoretical plan as in the practical plan. This critical one can be taken by an operation of public salubrity. However, it cannot be carried through without long research, rigorous analyses, a patient study of the texts and contextos' '. 4. INAUTENTICIDADE: IT IS POSSIBLE THUS TO FIGHT FOR the RIGHT To the CITY? According to Bauman, ' ' the people of the city do not identify themselves with the land feeds that it, with the source of its wealth or an area under its guard, attention and responsibility, as she happened with the industrials and traders of ideas and good of consumption of the past.

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