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Huge Red Globe

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In the summer, she thought, there is probably very good – you can cancel the rest, sunbathe on the comfortable beach, go with friends for mushrooms. Yes, you will need more time to rent this cottage for a day or even longer! But the thought was interrupted voice girlfriend – she had already unpacked decorations and asked for help to inflate balloons. Huge Red Globe took his seat directly above the entrance to the cozy lodge. Admiring the fireball, she almost burst into tears: We rented this cottage for a day, but after two days of all this beauty would have to untie and throw away, sobbing it to decorate the house, the girls got down to the most important thing – I had to cook some tasty dishes, but otherwise – what holiday? Cottage on the day turned into a master chefs – a friend competed in speed Slicing fruits, but also in the design of salads. Culinary sprint finale was baking a cake: from the "Shop" confectionery its gates, and trust the most important meal to someone does not like. By the way, largely for this reason she decided to rent a cottage for a day before his birthday. Seemed unusually tasty cake turned out – she even wondered why right now is not inserted into it and light a candle all the thirty-holiday to a cottage on day shine and become a place of romantic dates? Guests began arriving around noon.

Almost every guest brought with them not only a gift but an armful of thirty beautiful roses. When the flowers took almost the dining-room, she realized how much was the right friend, has offered to rent this cottage for a day – to put all the flowers in the home would be very difficult. Congratulations poured in from all sides: the guests congratulated not only the birthday, but her best friend with a good selection of places of celebration. Friend blushed and offered to anyone who ever wants to meet the birthday of the outdoors, to help you quickly and without hassle to rent a similar cottage on the day. But as time passed not only talk – the champagne flowed like a river, playing music that even someone trying to dance In general, the holiday, as they say, was a success – he rushed into this cottage for a day, and already nothing could prevent the general merriment.

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June 10th, 2016 at 1:48 am

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