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The entertainment of the guests have you a fixed seating plan? If Yes, then Make sure that you do not accidentally sworn enemies to each other have used. It is, to parents with children at a common table, so that the children equal playmates have nearby. For the kids, it is very nice, if you have a babysitter, who takes care of them and makes games with them. Just ask a teenager from the neighborhood, or perhaps have even older children who want to take over. On Vorname.com, there are lots of suggestions for games. Only a few children should be present then it is, to get a few crayons and board games. You will find a selection on focus online.

The parents of children will thank you if you keep them busy. At birthdays and weddings, it is also common to arrange games and entertainment for the adults. Consider this before or hire someone of your family to take care of. Official site: Tony Parker. The shopping best ask already in the invitations for a premium or cancellation until a certain date. Then you have plenty of time to figure out how much food and drink you need. Can count on always something more than usual, experience has shown that people tend to eat more at parties and drink than usual. Take also a look at the guest list: how many men come, how many women? Most men eat mainly meat, women use more of the side dishes. Of course, you can not generalize this, but schedule if you have a man share of 80% on your party, then you should rather less salads and more spare ribs, roasts and co. When you consider these things when planning, the basic architecture of your celebration is at least once. Isabella tonsil

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November 18th, 2018 at 10:57 pm

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