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Igor Nikolaev

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The main reason why the musical genre has not caught on to the scene in Russia, according to the greatest composer of our pop Igor Nikolaev 'is largely in the absence of tourists. " As he said in his interview with fans of 'The Pipe' several reasons. This article reveals the most affordable to understand the reasons for the common man. The first reason is' lack of tourists. " Fresh people who come to the capital of the world sometimes only to see the musical world. This huge flow of tourists is generally well circulates sights of the cities of Europe and America, filling the theaters and museums. It is this fresh and gives the audience for doping continuation of a long life for all Broadway history. These streams of tourists are not comparable with those streams, which can be solved to arrive in Moscow.

Except in the Russian capital musicals do not go, and those that were announced were held on stage is not very long. In our country, every such action is perceived as a show as a novelty, which should definitely go next weekend. One of the popular people are free to the premiere by invitation only. Then turn celebrities that come with tickets. The third wave of spectators, it's usually wealthy Muscovites. A majority of ordinary citizens and visitors simply can not afford this pleasure because high cost of tickets.

And this lack of excitement is good, if a week or two, three. That's all. Fresh audience there, and those who went for a second time will not do. Here there is a second reason for the age-old Russian theater community – funding for the project. To show self-sufficiency can last six months, the maximum per year. Profits equivalent to the U.S., we have not achieved. Two hundred dollars for a ticket to the show on Broadway. Multiply that by fifteen hundred seats – and You'll find that kind of money for one performance you will never get to Moscow. And if a show involving world stars? The cost of the performance increases due to the size of the fee the stars. As has always been, and yet, alas remains Russia, a good deal continues to die on the vine because of finances, which is the only remains that to sing love songs rather than musical, even with two decades of history on the Broadway stage.

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February 21st, 2014 at 12:11 pm

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