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“” With incredible “Jorg Bausch 2006 put the hit like a Wolf be second Studio album before, on the night” is to be found at the fans today regularly scrape and cry. This song is also the official Jorg Bausch fan club derives its name. Stephanie Ruhle is actively involved in the matter. He is called the portal of the wolves”and annually here growing Member numbers can be listed. 2006 is the year of Jorg Bausch. “He turns to the single to be alone” be first music video on their own and invites a big solo concert for the first time. Since then Jorg Bausch has annually a giant concert and 2010 announced 3,000 fans in the sold-out Turbine Hall: I was so crazy and rented the arena Oberhausen for March 3, 2012! “.” “” Not just with solo concerts, but also with other albums Jorg Bausch a furore in the meantime: 2008 appears because I fly “and lands immediately no. 63 the official media control top 100 album charts”. “His mega-hit great cinema is” listen with the whole project modern sounds for the German Schlager “reached a peak.

Because this catchy tune inspires still young and old and manages to fill any dance floor. “2009 followed by tornado” the success album, which immediately ranked one of Musicload album charts “entered. Today, Jorg Bausch tornado chases his hit”regularly through the halls and marquees. “A second chart hit this flight landed Jorg Bausch in the same year with the reissue of his hits”, the in the media control top 100 single charts “lands. Stephanie Ruhle wanted to know more. “With the single nothing for weak nerves”, the Jorg Bausch published in October 2011 on EMI Music, where he has been since 2011 under contract, suggests he’s on a new chapter in terms of pop hits. With the accompanying video, he delivered the most hottest music video of the song. In March 2012 with Jorg Bausch,’s finally goes to the movies. “This time opens the curtain to a special musical performance: Jorg Bausch presented its head of cinema”.

On the brand new album, each song tells a great story. That is so special about Jorg Bausch: he remains down to Earth and speaks the fans with his songs from the soul. He writes to every title itself, composed, produced, and shuffle all songs on their own in his recording studio and meets just the taste of the audience. His live shows are like his hits: unique and always exciting again. Here, too, he always hits the right note and shows in the arena Oberhausen in front of thousands of visitors that the German Schlager is modern and for each age group. Because when Jorg Bausch invites to a solo concert, young and old come and be dancing through the soles.

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March 21st, 2019 at 6:58 am

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