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Blok out of ten poems – eight bad and two good ones, but such good to me, perhaps, do not write "(L. Nikulin years of our lives. Memories and portraits. Moscow: Moscow Worker, 1966, p. 130).

Not all the songs sung by Tatiana Bulanova deserve to have their called masterpieces of pop art. There are (not eight out of ten, of course), mediocre, both in terms of theme and execution, frankly weak, do not touch the soul. But, really creative success, where singer, we can say is "itself" in the deep complicity roles are hits, true masterpieces of all time and is deeply touched by the audience. As noted in the advertisement information, the singer's voice: soft and authoritative at the same time. This "arrogance" (meaning, impact on the soul) comes from the sincerity of the performance of songs, great performance and ownership by itself the internal absorption in the element of feeling. The archetype of Persephone, role-playing scenario of Persephone, which is characteristic for Tatyana Bulanova, assumes a special sincerity and openness to the world.

Persephone archetype corresponds to the Inner Child, and if you say more broadly, this role-playing scenario involves several steps, which reflect the transition from childhood to adulthood. And of course, that child is open to all new, but at the same time, he vulnerable, sensitive, and even helpless. Of course, belonging to the scenario of Persephone does not mean "childlike" in the truest sense of the word. This is an archetype of female initiation, ie maturation, formation, initiation into adulthood.

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