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The results showed that those who were nodding had a transient increase in S-100B at 60 and 360 minutes after training but then recover their pre-training values indicating no brain cell injury. The players 12-13 years and 14-15 years had higher levels than the group of 16-17 years but transient increases are not related to initial levels. However as the brain damage due to abrupt pitch the ball with great speed or accidental trauma can not be excluded controls S-100B should be made for controlling video games. (27) However, other studies show that this also increases the serum concentrations of both boxing as a career after 25 km (28) In order to examine prospectively the acute effects of be-cear on cognitive function . Test were performed neurological assessment before and after two separate training sessions with the same athletes serving as its own control. 44 athletes participated masculinity and 56 female athletes in the first division of the university.

Everyone took the test and completed neuro-psychological capacity a list of symptoms they had experienced. The results found no significant differences in pre-and post-training results in the two groups with and without ball pitching activity. The conclusion is that head does not lead to acute changes in cognitive function. (30). Cerebral atrophy was assessed visually and compared with linear measurements normal material. ognizes the significance of this. It was found that one third of the players had central cerebral atrophy.

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