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Rene Descartes

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Example: A poor man who is dedicated to the crime is caught robbing a jewelry store, which belongs to a politician. The sentence in some countries of the world for this kind of crime is five to six years in prison. This is the initial sentence, if the politician wants to sink it raises all sorts of objections personally, as a consequence the sentence will be eight to twelve years in prison. The conditions under which that individual will live the worst, worthy of an animal. The same policy two years later is caught stealing the state, the state brought charges against him, to fill out some legal proceedings, granting benefits then house arrest is the mansion as a jail. The conditions under which that individual will live the quietest possible fit for a king.

Upon completion of his sentence by the state with open arms get the sole desire to reward their love ambition, allowing it to charge more lucrative and beneficial for him and his friends. The question is at what we men call justice? For this reason Parmenides refers to divine justice, implying that gives eternal justice to all men what they deserve after their works. This was the reason why Plato's Parmenides paid tribute to. Since a vast sage one sentence to understand very finitude of things. Socrates and Plato used some bases of the doctrine of Parmenides in order to differentiate the views of the truth. Another verse of the poem of Parmenides philosophy allows us to recognize the influence this had on the thought of French philosopher Rene Descartes.

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