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Ours to only act or not-to act it can? to make the difference? when if it deals with local questions, while for the other questions, declared? supraplaces? , they do not exist? alternatives? as they continue to affirm our leaders politicians, as well as the specialists of planto’ ‘. The more impotent citizens if feel each time in relation to many important questions, and the politicians also. Bauman: ‘ ‘ Also the situations whose origin and whose causes are doubtlessly global, remote and obscure, politics only enter in the scope of the questions when have local repercussions. The pollution of air? well-known global? or of the resources hdricos only says respect to the politics when a land, vendido bellow evaluation? in reason of the presence of toxic residues or lodgings for refugee politicians -, it is located here to the side, practically in? our yard? , terrifyingly next, but also (what he is encouraging)? to the reach of the hand? ‘ ‘. 5.

Like CONCLUSION: PERSPECTIVE OR PROSPECTIVA? ‘ ‘ All know that to live in a city it is an ambivalent experience. It attracts and moves away (…) Is clearly about a coexistence bothering, full of sound and fury, but, exactly thus very significant for the people who suffer to the ambivalence from modernity lquida’ ‘. (Zigmunt Bauman) Bauman: ‘ ‘ In few words: the cities if had transformed into deposits of problems caused for the globalization. The citizens and those that had been elect as its representatives are ahead of a task that cannot nor dream in deciding: the task to find local solutions for contradictions globais’ ‘. task is difficult. Dificlima! Because we live escapism times, where the people and authorities politics live ‘ ‘ empurrar’ ‘ the problems with the belly, or for underneath of the carpet, or the future. According to Bauman, ‘ ‘ this possibility to escape of the local problems allows that they have an independence of that the other urban inhabitants only can dream; that shows the luxury? what the others if cannot allow? of a noble indifference. Its contribution stops? to decide the questions of the city? it tends to be less complete and more unprovided of restrictions that the participation of that they have minors possibilities to breach the bonds unilaterally locais’ ‘.

It says despite ‘ ‘ it is this general comfort, and not some particular factor, that sets in motion and guides the dynamics of the city in liquid modernity? of all the cities, without the shadow of a doubt, even so not of all they in the same grau’ ‘. They are, like conclusion, some questionings and fidgets: is disintegrated city or evidences its oldness to it? Disappears the citizen or appears the absent user of its urban condition? Pasteuriza it urban image and hinders in to see them e, over all, to think? REFERENCES BAUMAN, Zigmunt. Community? The search for security in the current world.

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