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Atheist own history begins with the arrival of the team in 1985, eccentric bassist Roger Patterson. Since its advent in the current more than a year the group started to happen drastic changes. Anyway, if before Patterson's group did not move more banal replay militants from Slayer, Trouble, Exodus, then its appearance is very young and promising guitarist and group leader Kelly Schaefer, in an amicable obnaglev, he decided that his team is worthy of more. Colorless title Oblivion soon changed more 'twisted' ravage (Raging Atheists Vowing A Gory End). The group was recruited another guitarist, Mark Shotsberg and drums are still tucked Steve Flynn.

Serves as the lead singer guy Nicknamed 'Scrappy' had been dismissed. For the final name change and the musical orientation of the guys have matured only in 1987. It is in the spirit of tricked death metal with jazz rhythms and was recorded in 1988, first full-length band. However, due to bankruptcy of the issuing label (Mean Machine Records) 'Peace Of Time' went on the shelves of music stores, only in 1990. Although the 'Peace Of Time' not the best techno-death metal album, and even the top of his creativity Atheist hardly be called, he identified the main creative priorities of the group and opened a new chapter in the development of heavy metal music.

Album 'Unquestionable Presence' was released in late 1991 and got the highest critical acclaim. And in fact, 'Unquestionable Presence' contains excellent material on order is steeper than its predecessor. There was not a hint of roughness of sound and inconsistencies with frequent changes of rhythm, and, improvisational elements does not decrease, quite the contrary, the album is supersaturated frequent jazz-rock improvisations of all without exclusion tools. The latest creation of logically continues the traditions established by another 'Peace Of Time' and 'Unquestionable Presence': complex arrangements, sinkopiruyuschy rate (new drummer Marcel Dissantos and Tony Choi they praise), improvisation, nonweak whiffy jazz. 'Elements' (1993) – the peak of creative excellence 'atheists', the album is not afraid of the lofty words in letters of gold blended Atheist in a long history of musical art. Albums of: 1989 – Piece Of Time 1991 – Unquestionable Presence 1993 – Elements

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