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Senate Of Hamburg Is A Demand Of Pennergame.de After

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The Hamburg Senate opens nuclear bomb shelter for the homeless! A measure calling for the browser game paddock game for a long time. Hamburg, 03 December 2010 winter breaks suddenly and icy over the Hanseatic City these days. Given the frosty situation Hamburg opens an atom bomb shelter as emergency accommodation for homeless people. Late Thursday night, the Senate voted to open the attachment without red tape and immediately for the needy. An idea from the House of Pennergame.de. The virtual bums sleep long in public bunkers and urban catacombs in the bum game worlds (www.pennergame.de). All punk bands use even nuclear plants. Until yesterday this was just fun fiction, the gates to the plant remained closed the homeless people in reality.

Finally, the city of Hamburg of our claim comes after. The homeless disturb anyone and now have a warm roof over their heads”, Marius Follert (22), behind the bum game, is satisfied with the decision. Some of the Hamburg-based media and politicians sharply criticize Penner game for a long time: the game throw derogatory views of homeless people. The satirical online game focuses on homelessness and exclusion in a playful way, but leads the way out of the digital gutter only through cooperation with homeless friends, almost like in real life. Now, the Hamburg Senate shows his heart and are the claims of the criticized game. Penner game is actively engaged for the homeless, it donates a portion of the proceeds benefit local homeless projects regularly. To international events such as the earthquake in Haiti or the homeless World Cup in Rio, the game also with his community organized community fundraisers.

About color flood the color flood Entertainment GmbH develops and operates worldwide online games. Founder and Managing Director is the 22-year-old Marius Follert and Niels Wildung. The internationally operating company is operative with his games – including the successful Penner game – in over 30 countries in nine languages. The Hamburg-based company engaged be active for the homeless, by regularly donates a portion of the revenue for the benefit of charitable projects and works closely with many homeless associations.

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March 26th, 2019 at 12:44 am

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