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Among the dead silence once talked mountain guns of our battery, when the Turkish cavalry appeared in front, unfolds before Sheinovo Against us was fifteen Turkish guns Concentrated their fire was directed solely against the group today Skobelev – Lord! – He turned. – Will you hear a Scatter more widely Otherwise us – Today, my life needs! – In the form of explanation he said afterwards. – Kuropatkin wounded, it is not. If they kill me. there will be nobody to take command We parted on a fairly large space – Now the Turks suitable reinforcements! – Skobelev said anxiously. – How do you know? – And do you hear? In the din of the Turkish batteries were allocated to distant sounds of horns. Turks are fed signals.

Skobelev stepped up our left flank and pushed the militia to the Pass, where he opinion, there were three Turkish camp. – They are scoundrels, guess that is so small caliber guns! It is necessary to deceive the enemy Put people have guns! – Ordered the general. The second battle line came to stand with music and songs. Deployed banners swayed slightly wind About 11 hours the Turks concentrated their fire on our left flank. There Skobelev sent shooters Uglich shelf People began to fall By weight of bullets, dashing forward, we see that Turks are not here, however, as the number fifteen enclaves

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