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For example, We could note that we are spending much eating out, and that we could reduce expenditure in heading power to eat more at home; We could notice that we are spending much on subscriptions to magazines that don’t always read, and that could reduce expenditure in heading entertainment to cancel those subscriptions; or we could notice that we are spending much in electricity, and we could reduce expenditure under the heading services to consume less energy. 3. Draw up a budget based on the above steps go draw up a monthly budget where we pointed out items that will generate revenue to us and which will generate us expenses, as well as the amounts that we have planned that it will generate each. For example, if in the heading education we used to spend 1000, but we have not found somehow reduce expenses on it, then our projection for the heading education is also 1000. But if, for example, in the game entertainment used to spend 800, with the analysis we have done in the previous point, we could determine that from now on we will only spend 700, i.e.

our projection for the game entertainment will be from 700. In this budget must also determine the total of all the projected revenue and all expenses projected; and then at the bottom of the budget to determine the difference between these. A model of this type of budget it can be found in the article how to make a personal budget. 4 Determine an amount earmarked savings once we have drawn up our budget, we turn to determine an amount that we will save each month. Said amount aimed at saving should correspond to the balance of the budget, i.e.

the difference between total revenue and total expenses. If we consider that such balance is not an adequate amount to save, we must reconsider our budget, and assess if we could further reduce costs in some items or, in any case, if we can find new ways to get more financial Ingresos.LEYES of capitalization. It is recommended that this amount of savings represents at least 10% of total revenues. 5 Fit the budget and, finally, once produced our budget and determined the amount that we will save each month, we must put into practice what was planned. We must have enough discipline to adjust the budget, and always get the same amount that we have determined as savings. However, it is likely that sometimes not get to go to the foot of the letter our budget, but what Yes always we must meet, it is with book and save, whatever happens, the same amount that we have determined as savings. On the other hand, our budget must be flexible, and it is possible that we make some adjustments if necessary, but always ensuring that changes aimed at increasing the amount destined to the ahorro.consejos to save money. Always we must ensure that this amount is increasing, always looking for new ways to generate more income, new ways to save or consume less, avoiding contracting new debts, etc. And, finally, it is advisable that we deposit such amount in a savings account at the Bank, of way that we have it in a safe place, we do not feel tempted to take money from it and, incidentally, we can win some interests. Original author and source of the article

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June 22nd, 2017 at 6:02 pm

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