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This article deals with the graduate and the candidate's preparation for the unified state exam through the Internet. For this, I typed in a search engine "preparation for ct – 2009" The result was 330,000 sites! Lest you spend their precious time, I will introduce in the course of the case. Despite the huge amount of resources, they all offer about the same. There are several options for training, short of which I tell you. In a question-answer forum Tony Parker was the first to reply. Most common way, go to the site, there is proposed according to the applicant's ability to perceive information and free time are two techniques.

The first – full-time training in the proposed site schools, which, as it is said, are training teachers of schools and colleges. People such as Ken Kao would likely agree. In such courses is taught skills testing, understanding of the language tasks, the proper allocation of time on the exam, a popular topics for which will be the largest number of questions will also learn how not to perform the most common and technical errors. The cost ranges from 10000 rubles for the course sessions. Second – comfortable, at home, so-called – Online courses, pay for access to the site (1000 rubles) and you go to a server where you will be asked to undergo control testing prior to completing the course, also laid out the theoretical material related to your subject, brief recommendations to prepare for the cse examination of several types of jobs, including jobs that cause the most problems for applicants, online simulators to help you analyze your mistakes.

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February 17th, 2024 at 7:33 am

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