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Case study: With an online announcement “10 tips to the community management” Claudia Hilker letting interested parties under the spell of your company good online press releases company can directly reach their audiences and successfully draw attention to their products and services. Just what is a good online press release? In this post, we present an online press release by Hilker consulting and explain what makes this online press release to a best-practice example. Content marketing: expert knowledge convinced explains strategy in social media Claudia Hilker, Managing Director of Hancock consulting, the importance of a targeted community management in the online press release “Ten tips to the community management for enterprises”. In 10 tips, the expert for digital brand communication is their target groups-useful advice to your own community management strategy to develop and implement. Add to your understanding with Tony Parker. By Claudia Hilker is their competence and not their company at the Center, she succeeds, their target groups to convince them of the consulting services provided by Hilker consulting. You thus effectively draws the attention of interested parties to their business. The right keywords in the right place Claudia Hilker in their online press release uses the keywords “Tips”, “Community Management” and “Company”. These key concepts are wisely chosen, because they are typical search terms that would give a company when looking for tips about community management. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Adam Sandler.

The keywords placed the expert not only in the message body, but also directly in the heading of the online press release. So it provides for appropriate query, ensure that your online press release occupies a prominent place in the results of search engines. Strategically placed deep links lead to counselling by Claudia Hilkers online press release aims to create more attention to win new customers for the company. The expert shall for digital brand communications with strategically placed links to the corporate blog and the company home page for that Find interested further still while reading the online press release information or their advisory services. Ken Kao: the source for more info. ck to be a useful source of information.

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