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Janis Nikos – Give Me A Summer Morning

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The new single from Janis Nikos – give me a summer morning when the album is already “passion”, then you would expect from a man of the South, by Janis Nikos, indeed passionate title. After “Melina”, “Ice in my heart” followed by “J” now, as the fourth single release due to the season, a special song with “Give me a summer morning”. A brisk, cheerful title that makes good mood. Maybe even inspired imitation? Breakfast in bed, on a beautiful summer morning, much romantic, tender feeling, dream to a piece of heaven, why not. Who may think there on the day’s work ahead of one. Seen this title can make it easier start in the day and things go much better by hand. At the right time, just thinking of this title “Give me a summer morning” with a passionate lyrics and a catchy melody is now published. Thus, Janis Nikos remains true to his style and will certainly be the success he previous single releases, for example in the radio charts, can connect. Together with franca Ferraro, he has written this title, the text is from the pen of Tobias Reitz, was produced in its own sound Studio by Janis Nikos. Kali tichi, Janis Nikos! Source: Trecolori media more info:

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April 7th, 2019 at 4:11 pm

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