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The personal reference is only on the part of the public prosecutor’s Office pursuant to 161 para 1 S. 1 and requested 163 StPO or Copyright Act allows court-ordered information of provider gem. 101 paragraph 9. “The Supreme Court in the aforementioned decision of summer of our lives has the granting of such information” (where: TZ 29) viewed specifically as legitimate. ” Thus, a just done loophole for file sharers has been closed quickly.

“Lawyer Nikolai Klute: after the Federal Supreme Court has acknowledged the work of Swiss Logistep AG in May of this year as a flawless and considered privacy-legally admissible, is made clear by the judgment of the Hamburg judges that nothing has changed because even after the decision of the Swiss Federal Court.” Today data is determined by a Germany-based company. Richard Schneider, Board of Directors of Logistep AG: We are pleased that our work one more time for good was found not only in a technical sense, but also to data protection audit by the Hanseatic Higher Regional Court.” About .rka lawyers .rka lawyers is an firm active among others in the intellectual property law. Attorneys have many years of experience in litigation, the monitoring and defense of intellectual property rights. .RKA attorneys at law advises artists and celebrities as well as companies. Logistep AG and Logistep Germany UG, the Karlsruhe-based Logistep UG is a subsidiary of the Swiss Logistep AG.

The Baden IT company on behalf of its customers, mostly from the entertainment industry, combat copyright infringement on the Internet, mainly in so-called peer-to-peer networks, but also for one click hosters. The Logistep technology of Logistep AG available stands of Logistep UG. Several expert reports from Germany, England, France, and Poland confirm next to the Reliability of Logistep technology patent-pending data quality and information security. Law firms specializing in copyright, trademark, and Internet legal use professionally determined by Logistep data regular judicial proceedings against infringers. The lawyers successfully settle a large part of the proceedings out of court with cease and desist letters and cease and desist.

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March 24th, 2019 at 3:58 pm

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