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Review Dead Poets Society Movie

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Exemplary school "Welton", are preparing their students to the best U.S. schools since its foundation rested on four pillars: "Tradition. Honor. Discipline. Perfection. " However, students saw the basis of existence the school in a different light, that the learning process does not affect: Latin was cramming for the geometry established draconian rules about homework, the literature with a ruler in hand had to calculate the greatness of poetry and poems.

So it would be this year, if an instructor of literature was not invited to a brilliant graduate of "Circles of Hell" by John Keating. Perhaps this is rather chauvinistic and banal opinion, but I will repeat the words of my good friend, with whom we often review the "Dead Poets Society" – a male movie. Not because the director intentionally delights male gaze scenes of violence and crude jokes to embarrass you here except that the erotic can turn the log of unknown origin, which is in an Indian cave Charlie Dalton. Peter Weir shows male friendship as sincerely as could it really that Remarque in "Three Comrades". And for sure directorial style is as good as Weir's writing talent Remarque, a scenario of "Dead Poets Society" is certainly deserving of its "Oscar" in 1989 year. Of course, the teaching of the poem always been attractive – and when they wrote Makarenko, and when they starred Belushi and Berrendzher. Scheme of relations "tamer-lions" in these films is enforced rigorously. But to imagine that such a system developed for the film by Peter Weir, Truman Burbank obliging dig up a hole in the roof of the world for a trip to Fiji, it is simply impossible. The world that opens up to the students, John Keating only phrase Carpe Diem, charming. It is impossible not to succumb to the call of Robin Williams gay vandalism, and not send in the ballot box a couple of pages Pritchard, even if you are the most inveterate grinder and prudent precautionary man from the "Starukha." You can not run away from school at night to a meeting of "Dead Poets Society" does not go to the theater club against the will of the despotic father, can not risk my skin and kiss your favorite Woman in front of her boyfriend, a drunken captain of the football team – and then not have to say that you have not lived?

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September 8th, 2013 at 6:01 am

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