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Art Nouveau Furniture

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Classic style – it is always a popular combination of pure white and gold: white porcelain sinks, subtle ‘golden’ feet sink and roll-formed curls framing the mirror. All of this would have gotten away with pictures from the life of aristocrats past. But the foundation of contemporary models in the classical style is made of polyurethane – a practical material, which in all its characteristics surpasses ordinary plastic, it will extremely humidity resistant – furniture made of polyurethane will never spoil the mood of the swollen water bubbles. The elegance of this furniture stressed glass doors accessories, handmade and elegant halogen bulbs. Lovers of traditional classics will satisfy the model of solid wood with brass details. Against the dark wood bronze looks very nobly.

And do not be surprised that the wooden furniture used in bathroom: modern processing technology dreveiny relieve you of all the ‘wet’ problems. Such furniture does not swell or warp, maintains moisture and high temperature, it is beautiful and durable. Furniture collections in the Art Nouveau enjoy plenty of mirrors, lamps and inherent in that style, elegance forms. Color of the furniture, you can choose according to your taste: in this stylistic range is white and pastel (vanilla, rose, emerald, blue), matte and glossy versions. In the furniture of this style is usually used MDF and polyurethane, and finishing – the lining of the wood. Modern styles bathroom furniture suggest a glass or mirrored doors of closets and cabinets trimmed with metal and colored plastic or wood. And also have a large number of outboard accessories from the same materials. Such models are easy and rationality, they are practical and decorative.

Color range of this furniture is very diverse. Creating furniture for bathrooms, experts are working on every detail, taking into account not only aesthetics of decoration, but also making the emphasis on quality materials. Therefore, the furniture is not only karsiva and convenient, but will serve you for a long time. So, everyone has his own ideas about the interior of the bathroom, and if ten people asked to describe the optimal interior bathroom, then eventually get ten times diametrically opposed options. However, the purpose of the room itself will not change: there are cleaned by flushing daily cares and fatigue, relax, lay in a fragrant foam, take a shower in the morning. And it is very important that you and your family here was comfortable and happy.

Written by Minna

June 28th, 2011 at 2:21 pm