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Veneered Doors

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Doors as usual, however, and the trappings of almost any room. Since the time of appearance in the lives of these constructions of their main purpose was to protect the home against invasion from outside. Much later, the doors were used to divide the living space into separate rooms, but now they are important elements in the interiors of apartments, houses, offices. Numerous manufacturers are offering their products to consumers, made of different materials. But the most popular steel interior doors of solid and veneered doors.

Both kinds have an attractive appearance, both can be fitted with glass inserts different shapes. And the buyers there is a question which door reliable, durable, easy-to ekspluatatsii.Dveri Solid wood doors have a number of incontestable advantages. Firstly, they are harmless, and secondly, looks expensive and very effective. %A0%D7%98%D7%A8%D7%A0%D7%98-%D7%9C%D7%99%D7%A9%D7%A8%D7%90%D7%9C-63dcbf9f0240’>Ilan Ben Dov, another great source of information. Using an array of valuable wood for doors to create a truly beautiful products that harmoniously blend with the interiors and beautifully combined with luxurious furnishings. In addition, the doors of the array can be manufactured in various sizes, including custom, which is especially valuable for fans of unusual exclusive interiors. However, along with advantages these doors have disadvantages.

First and foremost, it is their high cost, making them accessible only to wealthy people. Another obvious drawback of doors from the array is their increased sensitivity – compared to other designs – change the humidity. Of course, manufacturers are concerned about protecting their products: dried wood in a special way with the so-called "amortization", is applied to the surface of the leaf moisture-proof coating, but even that is not 100% guarantee of long life products, if they are installed in areas with erratic and excessively high or too low humidity. However, optimal for the operation of properly constructed door is optimal for life cheloveka.Shponirovannye doors Veneered doors are usually made of wood frame with paneling or sheets of particle board MDF. As a decorative coating used fine wood veneer, which is then applied a protective layer of lacquer. The advantages of veneered doors are resistant to change in temperature and humidity indicators, the constancy of the geometric dimensions and the relative ease of construction and, of course, prices are available over a wide range of otrebiteley. Variety of species of veneer can make a door for every taste, at any design space. In addition, in one model the combination of several kinds of veneer. Production technology veneered doors can reduce the amount of wood used, leaving it only in the frame frame. Free space is usually filled with honeycomb of cardboard or MDF. Thus, not only reduces the cost of products, but also its weight. Among the shortcomings of the doors with veneered – some technological limitations, constraining creative designs of designers. Now, planning to buy interior doors, we can take into account all the features of construction and their operating conditions. Thus, in the bedroom, study or living room can be becoming doors array, but for a small bathroom is better to buy veneer doors. And no matter what the product manufacturers choose Consumers: German, French, Italian doors or doors made in Russia. When manufacture of interior doors, as, indeed, and other products, it is very important to observe the technologies of production and use of quality materials and equipment. Once these conditions will allow the manufacturer to offer really reliable doors that can serve its owners not only years but decades.

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January 6th, 2024 at 3:26 pm

Construction Stones

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To securely retaining walls were not "falling out" is not distorted, do not exhibit cracks, it is important to observe construction methods, and to organize drainage. wall of stone and concrete set in concrete foundation of 20-50 cm thick (the higher the wall, and more friable soil, the thicker must be the foundation). On clay soils foundation arrange for 20-30-cm layer of gravel or coarse gravel. If near a wall will be lawns, stands at his side to push the foundation base – stone or railroad ties. This will facilitate the process of mowing the grass and trim will be fairly easy tsolkolya. In clay soils over rock or wooden wall to perform drainage layer with a thickness of 15-30 cm of coarse gravel or crushed stone.

Such drainage should be to arrange in the case of loose soils, although this is not necessarily so. The walls of stone and concrete at the bottom drainage layer (passing along the wall) should be left to drain pipes to drain water (water intake or well to the outside wall). At a height of 15 cm above ground level can be derived through the wall drain pipe. Instead, during a masonry wall can be left in the drainage holes. Low wall can be installed vertically. The walls of greater than 80 cm should have a slope of 10-15% in the direction of the slope. At the same time it is necessary that all the walls, posted by the dry method, regardless of their height, were inclined towards the slope. In the long stone and concrete walls every 10 m to make expansion joints 1-3 cm wide, and the need to use the correct adhesive for tiles.

Butt stone or wooden walls should be slightly above the surface of the earth. This will prevent the overflow of water through the wall and the destruction of the slope of the falling water on it. The thickness of the stone wall should be more than a fifth of its height, but not less than 30 cm pack As the stones? Construction begins on the angles, which determine the largest stones. At the bottom of the wall placed large stones. stack them flat (stones each next row to be put on one another the greatest planes) with a slight bias toward the slope. The gap between the rows of stones filled the land (if drywall) or saline (for stone walls, mounted on solution) and small stones, if you are using a modular formwork. should be followed closely so that the vertical joints between the stones do not match in more than two rows.

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May 15th, 2015 at 9:14 am

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Interior Ceilings In Your Apartment

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Stretch ceilings – a perfect solution for interior design of apartments, offices, houses, hospitals and even industrial premises. Appeared about 50 years ago in Europe, they have become widely used and produced in our country. Stretch ceilings significantly improve the interior of any home. If you want your apartment look respectable and sophisticated, use these modern technologies and the result exceed all your expectations! In addition to performing a purely utilitarian function of concealing technical communications, art suspended ceiling may well cope with the task of full conversion of internal space of the room. Using multi-level suspended ceilings with halogen and neon can visually enlarge a room, give the interior a unique flavor, to achieve interesting lighting effects. A variety of styles, colors and types of material varies from each individual ceiling, the variety of choice ensures that you can choose exactly what you want each individual home or apartment. Species stretch ceiling – a huge set, which one to choose depends on you.

But choosing what is best for ceilings of your apartment, you should take into account the peculiarities of each kind of suspended ceilings. Glossy stretch ceiling distinguished by their stunning decorative abilities, by which is widely used by many designers to create unique interiors. The glossy surface of the film visually increases the height ceiling and expands the space of the room. Thanks to its reflective abilities glossy stretch ceiling able to make the room bright and airy. Despite all the advantages of these ceilings, there is one “But,” glossy ceiling can not be used plohootaplivaemyh rooms where the temperature is below -5 degrees.

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March 30th, 2015 at 3:57 am

Art Nouveau Furniture

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Classic style – it is always a popular combination of pure white and gold: white porcelain sinks, subtle ‘golden’ feet sink and roll-formed curls framing the mirror. All of this would have gotten away with pictures from the life of aristocrats past. But the foundation of contemporary models in the classical style is made of polyurethane – a practical material, which in all its characteristics surpasses ordinary plastic, it will extremely humidity resistant – furniture made of polyurethane will never spoil the mood of the swollen water bubbles. The elegance of this furniture stressed glass doors accessories, handmade and elegant halogen bulbs. Lovers of traditional classics will satisfy the model of solid wood with brass details. Against the dark wood bronze looks very nobly.

And do not be surprised that the wooden furniture used in bathroom: modern processing technology dreveiny relieve you of all the ‘wet’ problems. Such furniture does not swell or warp, maintains moisture and high temperature, it is beautiful and durable. Furniture collections in the Art Nouveau enjoy plenty of mirrors, lamps and inherent in that style, elegance forms. Color of the furniture, you can choose according to your taste: in this stylistic range is white and pastel (vanilla, rose, emerald, blue), matte and glossy versions. In the furniture of this style is usually used MDF and polyurethane, and finishing – the lining of the wood. Modern styles bathroom furniture suggest a glass or mirrored doors of closets and cabinets trimmed with metal and colored plastic or wood. And also have a large number of outboard accessories from the same materials. Such models are easy and rationality, they are practical and decorative.

Color range of this furniture is very diverse. Creating furniture for bathrooms, experts are working on every detail, taking into account not only aesthetics of decoration, but also making the emphasis on quality materials. Therefore, the furniture is not only karsiva and convenient, but will serve you for a long time. So, everyone has his own ideas about the interior of the bathroom, and if ten people asked to describe the optimal interior bathroom, then eventually get ten times diametrically opposed options. However, the purpose of the room itself will not change: there are cleaned by flushing daily cares and fatigue, relax, lay in a fragrant foam, take a shower in the morning. And it is very important that you and your family here was comfortable and happy.

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June 28th, 2011 at 2:21 pm