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Audiobook Customer Recovery

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Acquisition of new customers only? On customer recovery ever thought? Many companies set the focus of its sales efforts on attracting new customers and forgetting a still heavily underestimated sales potential: get your defecting customers back! Who specifically will win back lost customers, generated often long-standing business relationships and high yields. “The reactivation of former customers is clearly superior to the classical new acquisition in many respects, business speaker Anne M. Schuller explained in their audiobook efficient customer recovery”, which appeared in the publishing office. How to avoid companies the loss of profitable customers in the future? How do you recover lost wish customers? And how can you build a new loyalty information collected back customers? To systematically achieve these goals, the consultant has put together practical and immediate set to 25 recipes for success in their Audiobook. In particular, it comes to realize who for whatever reason “is migrated and who you like can get back and wants to make it better the second time”, Anne M. Schuller, an expert in loyalty marketing, contains the content together.

The two major pillars in the customer management gain new customers and maintain the existing customer base begin to sway, because markets are saturated, and the willingness to change of the customers is high. Therefore it is worth more to encourage immigrant from customers coming back”, warns Anne M. Schuller. Nine out of ten customers ready to return if inconsistencies are resolved earlier, as studies show. In addition, must be understood in detail, step by step how an effective customer recovery management.

To the company customer losses must systematically register and carefully analyze the mistakes that were made, then to counteract with a crash. Because, in the customer’s recovery every day counts.” Finally according to the bestselling author, a To set up early-warning system to react in the future, before it is too late. “The audiobook efficient customer recovery” the customer is one of the five books of the Edition is the true boss. 5 x 25 recipes for success for a perfect customer management in companies of tomorrow”, which also was edited by Anne M. Schuller and has appeared in the Breuer & Wardin Publishing Office. Information about the audiobook customer recovery Anne M. Schuller: efficient customer recovery 25 recipes for success for the recovery lost customers scope: 1 audio-CD with approx. 70 minutes Publisher: BREUER & WARDIN GmbH, price: 19.90 euro / CHF 29.90 ISBN: 978-3-939621-88-1 more info: information about the audiobook Edition of Anne M. Schuller: the customer is the real boss. 5 x 25 recipes for success for a perfect customer management in companies of tomorrow scope: 5 audio CDs with 352 minutes Publisher: BREUER & WARDIN GmbH price: 89 euro / CHF 133 ISBN: 978-3-939621-90-4

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