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Between Displays And Banalities

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Form takes precedence over substance. a This is the new slogan that governs the creative intelligence of contemporary societies. The taste for the aesthetic and the spectacle of the wrapper has supplanted to a large extent, budgets rational use and the ultimate meaning of architectural, culinary developments or trends in extravagant fashion. The XXI century has been renamed as the century of appearances, where nothing is what it seems. Far from the rational and functional experience of decades ago insistently pursuing the optimization of resources and efficiency carried to the extreme, in these days of how the response has replaced the usual questions of what and why. What matters now is the originality and visual impact of the creations so they can claim the attention of the man of our day, accustomed to almost everything, and unwilling to waste time in speculations too convoluted. Time has become a scarce commodity that the individual can not waste searching in the depth of content. The continent becomes often the main reference of reality.

In the rush to find something different has been neglected so that gives things their reason for being and for which they were created. Buildings like the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, or the a “pear, Sidney, both with an architectural beauty out of the question, get distract the visitor from the works of art, theater or opera taking place inside. The presence of structure magnanimous moves to the background their practical function and ultimately the most advantageous offer for the company.A company also in other areas of creativity as food or fashion shows, the eclipse of the meaning of the signifier .

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October 18th, 2010 at 10:20 am

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