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Sound Recording

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Was a hard working day, you came home, tired, terribly … brewed coffee itself, lay on the sofa, hid a warm blanket, turned on the TV. “Sometimes you want to relax and enjoy a pleasant singing favorite artist” – thought you pereschelkivaya channels. And lo and behold! At one of the music channels are a concert of your idol, your beloved artist. Or maybe your favorite band or duo … you relax, feel the peace and tiredness vanished.

However, you do not even suspect that you have so beloved star recorded her voice in advance, and during the speech she had no choice but to open your mouth and move seductively across the stage. How to understand Pop star sings to the sound recording or a “live” if you have to be content with just a video recording of the concert, broadcast on television? After all, professional sound engineers are doing their best to word Song fell right in step with the “opening the mouth” of our all star. Let’s face it. As you know, no one performer physically can not sing the same song exactly the same way a few times. We have in mind that the tone votes may differ, the quality and sound system setup may be different (different microphones, different equalizer settings, tone, volume, etc.) If you hear a favorite song, the artist in concert, and intonation, timbre and loudness of voice, it is not different from the studio recording (the one you’ve heard on a CD or computer), you can be assured that this “veneer”. Also an artist, was invited to the concert, may, during losing something to shout into the microphone (something like “Thank you”, etc.) When pop stars sing a song to the sound recording, sound muffle her microphone.

And then an artist begins to shout something, setting the stage for the audience, and this is a much quieter (despite the fact that he screams, not sings in a calm voice) than the lyrics. This is the most common case, issuing a soundtrack. However, if an artist sings a song, and you feel that he does not, as for studio recording, but still offers the auditorium to sing for him a couple of verses, sending a microphone in their direction, then you can be sure that you do not cheat, this star deserves the praise because they sing live. Relax, keep your drink flavored coffee and get pleasure from watching a concert.

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September 18th, 2011 at 9:12 am

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