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In The Woods

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Although also in the music of this movement is involved in a real drive combined with repetitive guitar riffs, in most cases, dirty buzzing sound and turning into a dense veil. It is quite absurd, and one might even say preposterous combination has created this course and it is possible that for this reason it is referred to and not so to that branch of traditional doom metal. In geographical terms, is considered the birthplace of the United States. Lyrics to the compositions also reflect the themes related to the familiar lyrics of doom metal in general, where the moments slip through the expression of the creativity of bad pain, denial of all (nihilism) and frequent strong hatred. Although the image of the group performing sludge doom metal, yet very different, they have a completely different, his own outlook on life. This course can be identified as prominent members of Crowbar and Eyehategod. Black-doom metal (also known as blackened doom): once again witnessing the merging of two genres – black metal and doom metal. Of doom metal was borrowed slow pace, and from the black metal standard is taken Vocals – screaming, with respect to guitars, they are usually overwhelmed distorshenom.

The content of lyrics is often extremely nihilistic, depressive naturalist and nature. Representatives of this flow can be identified Bethlehem, Nortt, Forgotten Tomb, etc. Avantgarde-doom metal: this is for mainly characterized by an unusual display of original and unexpected sounds, the basis of which was taken as doom metal, but expressed in an unusual form with a decent share of experiments, so these groups is difficult to clearly identify and correctly attributed to a particular stylistic direction. The representatives include commands such as: Dolorian, In The Woods, Aarni. Thus, from above we can conclude that, in tracing the chain of the birth of the doom metal, as an extreme form of the direction of heavy music, you can see, how was it gradual development, starting from the ground and ending with the genre, so to speak, intermediate its branches. Than a greater number of species it falls, the greater the progress, each time adding a new and unexpected mix. Of course, it is difficult Now, what comes next in the evolution of doom metal, but one thing is certain, that initiated the process is irreversible and to be continued …

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October 7th, 2011 at 8:36 am

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