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Principles Of Building Systems Ignition Condenser

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In a system with a pulsed energy storage processes of charging and discharging the storage capacitor are separated by pauses, and in systems with continuous accumulation of such breaks do not. System with pulse accumulation allow simple means to stabilize the voltage of the charge storage capacitor, ie, make it independent of changes in voltage and other destabilizing factors. However, when starting a small shaft speed engine in these systems by increasing the pause time the storage capacitor at the time of sparking some time to run down and sparking voltage decreases. This imposes strict requirements on the values of leakage currents in the elements of the secondary circuit – thyristor, storage capacitor, a rectifier diode – is the lack of systems with pulse accumulation. System with a continuous accumulation of energy free from this defect.

These systems are practically insensitive to leaks in the secondary circuit elements and ensure the independence of sparking voltage of the frequency of the motor shaft. Converts the battery voltage 12 to 350 V in a high storage capacitor accumulates energy sparking. The switch connects the storage capacitor to the output of a converter, then to the primary ignition coil. The control circuit controls the switch. The appointment of the remaining elements is the same as in the classical ignition system.

The ignition system operates as follows: way. During the rotation of the shaft motion gatelya contact breaker opens and Pr alternately closed. With the closure of contact signal from the control circuit sets the switch S2 to position 1. The converter has high voltage 350 V, to which the charge storage capacitor. At the moment of contact opening the breaker control circuit generates a signal which switches the switch. Charged to high voltage 350 V storage capacitor is connected to the primary ignition coil circuit wl. In the loop formed by capacitor C1-torus and the primary ignition coil, there are damped sinusoidal oscillations, the amplitude first half-wave voltage which is close to the voltage of the charge storage capacitor. At the same time in the secondary winding w2 ignition coil induced voltage, which reaches 20 – 30 kV.

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