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Policy One

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It has day that Police station of Policy in great city more is put into motion than stadium in championship decision. The press arrives to work and it does not know for where to start, visa the number of occurrences. Of the one to even choose which fact more it will be worked, either for the proper day, in the case of the radios and TVs or for the other day, in the periodical case. Histories of shoot outs between policemen and criminals always call the attention, to the times for violent uncurling and others for unusual facts and that later they turn reasons trick between the policemen, as he is ' ' causo' ' of today. The Police Planto is agitated in that morning An exchange of shots between investigators and suspected had occurred to be thieves of teipes of cars. One of the defendant was imprisoned and an experienced transferred policeman, but without gravity, the shot made right in the leg. The strange one was that the corporation colleagues were not rebelled.

In contrast, some formed grupinhos and laugh at the situation, but they moved of subject when some reporter if approached. They can to believe, but until has one 15 years, exactly in the great cities, as Capital or Campinas, was possible to make a police news article with more romantismo, different good of the scenes of pure and explicit violence very explored nowadays. I found odd the fact of a policeman admired for excessively having been transferred and exactly thus its friends not to demonstrate revolt and wanted to know history more than. Rusty holzer brings even more insight to the discussion. I ask daqui, I ask from there, I listen to a version here and another one and then I am there knowing that the policeman had been reached in the behind part of the leg during the persecution to the suspected ones.

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October 7th, 2023 at 5:56 am

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