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The uniqueness of neo-romantic-rock group "cafe" that song "Comrade Sergeant," heard nine out of ten people, and the name of the group knows one out of ten. Nevertheless, "the group's hit single" it will not name – romantic melodies with straightforward, but so close to every young idiot meanings heard on the radio station ("Russian radio" Nashe Radio "," Militia wave ", etc.) for many years. Songs recorded around five thousand rotations on one only Nashe Radio, compared with groups of "Zoo", "Aquarium", "Time Machine" and "Sunday". "Group" cafe "- a classical school of Russian rock. That of which later grew all the styles – the known composer, musician and founder of the legendary "old friend", songwriter Andrew Shurik. – It's a classic musical form, with the classic rhymes and execution – urban rock ballads with rhythm and blues motifs. This music will be relevant at all times, and love to talk to her about good taste. ".

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August 19th, 2016 at 2:19 am

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