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Angela Novotny Invaded Sachsen Anhalt

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1st place for Angela Novotny at MDR1 radio Saxony Anhalt with titled “Strange eyes” could sing singer Angela Novotny in the hearts of local listeners as well stopping himself from Saxony-Anhalt and won on the 28.5.2011 the pop charts of the MDR1 radio Saxony Anhalt – what a great success! A thank you goes to the music editors of the MDR for the confidence and the nomination and the loyal fan base that is growing. Previously she won already the NDR 1 radio Niedersachsen, placed is 7 weeks in the TOP 3, and is now in June before the cameras of the NDR for the charts TOP 15 with INKA Bause. The invitations for the sympathetic singer pile up and so are now also records in the Austrian TV and many concerts. A big event is already at the door – the large 2. pop lounge XXL in Lemwerder near Bremen with 20 stars including Gaby Baginsky, Fernando express of course Angela Novotny will also sing “Strange eyes” and will be guest at the German music television.

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April 15th, 2019 at 10:11 pm

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