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Best Regards Agustin Conchilla

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Therefore, and although I am aware that happiness is not harmless should hinder, because it could be due to a binge rewarding for the kids, I believe and know that it is not for the neighbors . The party is very dignified and every human being deserves, but the more I withdraw despite the fact there can be no social peace if the fun becomes a torture for others and, accordingly, in real odiseaa for a neighbors, with or without children Subsequently, the sound that star kids running wild and some Pasadita, undermining the need for the rest of those affected, who are by coincidence neighborhood. Go to Glenn Dubin, New York City for more information. Consequently, I assure you, Mr. Mayor, that a number of afflicted, and some have already denounced: formally or informally, and other mobilizations pose more severe, at the neighborhood level and center very soon … mobilizing the consistory known if before you act not for the benefit of local society that feels the agravioa The rest of the workers, Mr.

Mayor, is also well worth seeing, feel and enjoy, and through him, citizens, workers in most cases, should regain strength and face the harshness of the olive harvesting. This year is green and hard, although it started early: on December 1, it appears, or I read it I found it in his own Edict of the Municipal Board … Mr. Mayor, the kids in the C / Jaen 33, which are of different ages and neighborhoods, put the music too high, although if this is not sufficient to increase discomfort and annoyance in the neighborhood, also open the doors wide and come out with their bravado, their mixed drinks, its dope , and background music, very alive. And also to its massive rant: in public and nine in the evening, at ten, eleven o'clock at midnight, at one o'clock in the morning, at two, three, to four, the five and six evil eye!, and more that to be very worthy of human procreation, I keep silent, but dirty or muddy morality and education of the kids: always so attentive to their environment and waste discharged by urban land … In such event, if you persist in ignoring, meanwhile, I invite you, in person, to perform eye examination and consultation with residents in situ , everything here denounced. I stress: all flows between the inside and outside the house of C / Jaen, 33, among others, where the road, late in the morning also supersedes the hated Bottle N. And there is no adjoining neighbor that if I have to get up early for work or if little early to take shelter in the nursery, you can sleep in peace, music and shouting Lord mayor, who currently stars guateques Naver youth in age of puberty and adolescence, in advanced cases a "would not be nothing wrong, and I no objection, if not cause for serious nuisance to neighbors, and because it is practiced within the town. However, as local leader, elect who you are, I remind you that the uncontrolled guateques to cause havoc rest, family peace and harmony of those nearby neighborhood Naveros which unfortunately are affected by noise and traffic, sometimes at inappropriate speed. Vehicles addition, many of them parked on the sidewalks and out the virulent and skid on the street: street, a display mode … Best Regards Agustin Conchilla A self again, as many are in the "vineyard of the Lord"

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February 25th, 2024 at 5:48 pm

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